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Winter 2014 - 2015

We hope everyone enjoys the holidays! We're planning on relaxing a bit before returning in 2015 for our first ever January term!


Current Research


Utility of Lionfish Jet Hunting Behavior - Dr. Patrick Lyons

Lionfish are a harmful invasive species that are voracious piscivores (fish eaters) and have been found to reduce the abundance of local native fish. One of the tricks that lionfish use to be such voracious predators is a unique behavior previously described by one of our instructors, Dr. Patrick Lyons, and a co-author. They found that lionfish blow jets of water at target prey just before striking. They hypothesized that lionfish may use this behavior to confuse target prey or to turn target fish toward them allowing a headfirst strike. Dr. Lyons and staff are now evaluating these hypotheses with a set of field observations and lab trials in which lionfish jets are simulated.