Environment Bonaire

Stichting Nationale Parken Bonaire (STINAPA Bonaire) is a non-governmental, not for profit foundation commissioned by the island government to manage the two protected areas of Bonaire: the Bonaire National Marine Park (BNMP) and the Washington Slagbaai National Park (WSNP).


STINAPA Bonaire is dedicated to the conservation of Bonaire ’s natural and historical heritage through the sustainable use of its resources.


* To protect, conserve and restore all the natural resources, including, but not limited to, the native flora and fauna of Bonaire for future generations;
* To ensure that the conservation of these natural resources is given the highest priority in all public decision making processes;
* To ensure that the residents of, and visitors to, Bonaire receive quality education and information about the protection of nature and the environment;
* To ensure that the natural and historical resources of Bonaire are used in a sustainable manner.

STINAPA is an acronym for Stichting Nationale Parken, the National Parks Foundation.



Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire’s mission is to ensure the protection and recovery of Bonaire’s sea turtle populations throughout their range. Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire (STCB) is considered a model of excellence within the Caribbean and aims to achieve its Mission through scientific study, integrated management strategies, and public awareness campaigns.



Specifically, the organization is committed to:

* Building a strong case for sea turtle conservation through applied research;
* Implementing proactive management and conservation actions to protect Bonaire's sea turtles and their environments;
* Communicate effectively to enhance awareness of sea turtle conservation issues;
* Use education, as well as training and promotion, to enhance public awareness of sea turtle conservation issues; and
* Developing strategic partnerships and networks to protect Bonaire's turtles locally and throughout their migratory ranges.



Sea Monitor Foundation Bonaire

This innovative process measures changes in light and absorbed color to determine ocean water quality in the Bonaire National Marine Park.

Bonaire has had septic tanks for years and the reef is still fine, many would argue. As evidenced by the 18 year study period of the new waste water treatment plant, lack of hard scientific data means meetings not action. Fortunately, the recent nutrient study provided appropriate scientific data and, according to Ramon de Leon, manager of the Bonaire Marine Park, the data was instrumental in his insisting on lower nutrient levels in the treated waste water than was previously envisioned.



Albert Bianculli about Sea Monitor Foundation




World Bank Coral Reef Management Project

World Bank project is concerned with helping people globally manage reefs for sustainable economic use, delivery of ecosystem services and conservation values.

They are developing the building of management and decision support tools for stakeholders and can demonstrate how this new approach is starting to yield interesting results.

The full project is the World Bank Coral Reef Targeted Research Project (www.gefcoral.org) and their working group is the Modeling and Decision Support Working Group.

Their work is predominantly with reef managers, policy makers, fishers and reef-dependent communities.